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The most common dreams

Everyone dreams.

Those who say the opposite are those who do not remember. Can you count the number of times you have dreamed of downright incoherent and wacky things. Or very strange. Freud explains that dreams are an unconscious desire and that it totally depends on the environment of the dreamer. Our daily life would therefore have a great influence on it.

But how can we explain that certain dreams are frequent and known to all of us?

How about the dream of falling into the void? to be naked in public? Or that of losing your teeth? There is an answer to that.

A recurring dream is a sign of a complex situation in your life. And it will go away as soon as this crisis goes away. This is why many find themselves having the same dreams. It is interesting to interpret these dreams well and this article is there to guide you. 

Interpretation of the most frequent dreams

Free fall

It’s the most common dream. We wake up with a start at a certain time in the morning, ourselves during the fall or impact. If you are stressed from work because you are overwhelmed, it is possible that this dream is recurrent. It’s due to a lack of security and support in your life. It shows that you want to escape from it. It is similar to drowning or flying.

Being naked in public

Dreaming of being naked in public is related to self-esteem. It represents a feeling of shame, it can also come via shyness or a social complex. You don’t want anyone to know more about you and it’s reflected in your dream.

Being in a car out of control

This very common dream means that you are in a vulnerable situation. You are facing a situation that you do not control, so you are totally helpless in the face of it. Your subconscious therefore transmits it to you via this out of control car.

Losing teeth

The smile is the symbol of vital energy, if you have ever dreamed of losing your teeth it is that you are afraid of being unwanted. It also results in the loss of power and the fear of aging.

Dreams of death or illness

There are several interpretations for this type of dream.

You mark the end of a cycle. You are facing a new beginning, a change in your life. Your current life destroys you, or you feel disappointed or betrayed. Freud explains to us that, like stealing, it is a sign of guilt. Then you are dead to pay for your fault.

If you dreamed of a dead or sick loved one, it simply shows that you care about that person.

To be late, you are afraid of missing your alarm clock the day after an important event. It’s also due to frustration. That is to say because of an opportunity that you could not seize or the fear of being put aside. According to Freud, it is the symbol that you want children, or that it approaches its natural cycle.

Being cloistered

You have to make an important decision that you don’t want to make; you’re trapped in a real-life situation from which you want to escape. Dreaming of being locked up also signals the feeling of staying put in your life, which you make sure to move forward but in vain.

The pursuit

If you know who is chasing you, that person is making your life difficult, or you feel guilty about that person. If you don’t know who is chasing you (which is very common) you are anxious and there is a gap between your actions and your true personality.

These are the meanings of some of the most common dreams. Remember that you have to take into account certain factors such as the dreamer’s environment to better interpret his dream.